Orlando Auction 06/02/19 – Largest Arcade Auction in recent history

Orlando just had it’s largest arcade auction in recent history and PlanetScott.TV was there to report on all the action. It all started with a Facebook post, but it quickly turned a large event with hundreds showing up thanks to arcade collector Jonathan Taylor. It ended up being covered by newspapers, radio and event the local TV news station came out a few times! Jonathan decided turn his auction in to a swap meet and enthusiast meet-up by making this a fun, exciting event complete with a large tent and a caterer BBQ meal for all attendees. Everyone had a lot of fun and if you were lucky with your bidding you might have left with an awesome arcade cabinet and some may have event left their holy grail. Rumor has it he might have another one with about 50 games. Please follow and share my video and subscribe. A lot of what I do is a labor of love and I am here to support the geek and fun loving community! Special thanks goes to Neil Hernandez, Jenn May, Jeff May, Brian Jones, Chris Brown Brandon Specht and Marcy Renee for the hard work in making this event possible and a great success. Thank you! Scott

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