What does your company do?

We stream events live to social media sites like Facebook, a (CDN) Content Delivery Network like YouTube and Twitch and a Private Portal for events like Weddings, Conferences and Funerals.  We also create and place Television Commercials from Orlando to Miami.

Why should we use you instead of streaming from my smartphone?

Although smartphone streaming has come a long way, it still doesn't compare to the quality of video, clarity of the audio and stability of the stream that using professional streaming equipment can offer.

Can you stream copyrighted music during my wedding?

Yes, we can by sending it to a private portal that has also has guestbook for your visitors to leave messages along with a link to your gift registry.  BTW - No password needeed, just a link but a password is available too.

Can you ive stream to multiple video streaming platforms at the same time?

Yes. We can streaming for example to Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn all a the same time at an additional cost.

Do you cover events outside of South Florida?

Yes, we will travel anywhere in the U.S. with extra costs for travel expenses.

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What will HD live video do for me?

Most people use live video to expand their audience and let as many people watch and experience their event as it’s happening. A live video will be watched and shared hundreds, even thousands, of times more than photos, sometimes even becoming viral. Live video and recently recorded live video is fresh and much more likely to be viewed and shared. The problem with using a smartphone is that it is unreliable and unclear. You only have one chance to get it right. If the audio isn’t clear or if the video is jumpy and pixelated, your video is a swipe away from not being viewed. Live HD video is the next best thing to being there.

Why choose PlanetScott.TV?

All we do is live video. We have over 10 years experience overcoming all the special issues involved in creating reliable live HD video streams. Nothing is worse than having a stream drop out due to a bad internet connection, or be unwatchable due to poor sound or video. Also, when you hire us, we will make your event look and sound incredible by using the best equipment with highly trained live video professionals, so your audience can feel like they’re attending the event along with you. We also have very affordable rates for everything from a grand opening to a comic con.

How much does your services cost?

Every job we do is customized to your specifications after we learn what you want to achieve. We are happy to give a price based on your individual needs, so please call for a quote!

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